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    GF25 CNC Steel Bar Stirrup Bender

    ● Bending diameter: Φ4-Φ25 mm
    ● Motor power: 3 kw
    ● Motor Speed: 1440 r./ min
    ● Weight: 150 KG
    ● Input Voltage: Three phase 380VAC 415VAC or customized


    Type Bending diameter Motor power Motor speed Bending speed Dimension Weight Input voltage Color
    GF25 CNC Φ4-Φ25 mm 3kw 1440 r./ min 25-30 r/min 870 *600 *900 mm 150 KG Three phase 380VAC 415VAC or customized Red, yellow, gray, blue or customized



    Steel bar bending machine is an ideal equipment for bending deformed steel bar, round bar, thread bar, and is widely used all kinds of construction site, like road, bridge, tunnels and other giant construction projects.



    1. 100% copper motor, normally this motor can work 2 years without breaking.

    2. It is fully enclosed gear-box, low noise, high and low speed, which is easy for the worker to handle.

    3. The operation disc material carbon struction steel, the painting, beautiful anti-rust spray painting inside and outside.

    4. Easy operation, convenient for moving, competitive price.

    5. The thickened steel plate and the National standard medium-speed motor make it have a more stable quality.


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